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Landscape Lighting Installation

Light Up Your Home with Electric Plus

At Electric Plus, we believe that your house deserves to be shown off. With landscape lighting, you can shed light on your immaculately manicured lawn, your beautiful garden, and your stunning home. No matter what effect you’re going for (a subtle glow on your home, or a radiant light on your garden), the fully licensed and professional electricians at Electric Plus can turn your vision into reality.

As homeowners, the electricians at Electric Plus understand the value and craftsmanship that go into creating beautifully planned and executed landscape lighting. We approach it as a creative project; one whose outcome is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of your home, yard, and gardens when the sun begins to set.

Landscape lighting is more than porch lights and pole lights; it’s about artfully placing electric lights in areas that subtly highlight your home without becoming a distracting. Imagine pulling into your driveway at night, your eyes filled with the warm and comforting glow of a home that’s filled with your family and loved ones.

That’s exactly the kind of experience we strive to provide our customers in the greater Atlanta, GA area. Discover why more residents trust their landscape lighting with Electric Plus.

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No matter what landscape lighting you need, you’ll find a friendly and professional electrician at Electric Plus who can meet your project needs. Contact Electric Plus today at (770) 932-0930 to schedule a service appointment.