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How Much Should I Pay For a Circuit Breaker?

When it comes to installing a circuit breaker in your home, you’d like to know your costs up front. You don’t want to experience sticker shock at the end of the project – but you’re not comfortable tackling this project yourself. After all, you’re not a licensed electrician, and you’re not about to leave your home’s electrical services in your DIY hands. That’s why you’d rather hire an electrician rather than try to do it all on your own.

Hiring an electrician means that your circuit breaker will be installed by a professional – but how much should you shell out for the service? What price indicates that you’re working with a low-quality service – and what’s too high to pay?

Before you can get those questions answered, it’s important to understand that the parameters of your project may drastically change any quotes you receive from an electrician. If you want to avoid sticker shock, it’s important to give your electrician as much information as possible when getting a quote. This will provide you with the most accurate project estimate possible, which is essential in creating a budget.

When asking for a quote for your circuit breaker installation, you should be sure to mention the following parameters:

• The project location. The location of your residence, where your labor is hired, and where the materials are purchased will inevitably have an impact on the pricing of your project. Electricians from cities may charge more than rural electricians, but this is because they’re more up to speed on recent compliance codes and other legislation changes.

• The project size. Let your electrician know how large your project is, and what the parameters are. Installing a circuit breaker in an old-fashioned Victorian versus a massive apartment building will inevitably involve various degrees of labor and expertise.

Once you’ve provided your electrician with these project parameters, you’ll be given a much more accurate price for circuit breaker installation. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to look at average prices for circuit breaker installation. You can expect to be charged in the range of $170 to $225 per circuit breaker. When getting a quote, be sure you’re talking to an electrician who is licensed and certified to perform this work.

For more information about circuit breaker installation – including a quote – contact the experts at Electric Plus in Atlanta, GA today.