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Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

A Comfortable Home with Ceiling and Attic Fans

Here in Atlanta, we know a thing or two about hot summers – not to mention the massive electric bills that come along with them. If you want to make your home more comfortable by improving airflow, it’s time to consider installation ceiling and attic fans.

Ceiling and attic fans are just pennies on the dollar compared to the high cost of air conditioning. What’s more, these fans can be adjusted to your favorite temperature, leaving you in control of your electric bill. It’s the best way to save your family money without resigning yourself to a hot, sleepless summer.

At Electric Plus, our fully licensed and professional electricians provide ceiling and attic fan installation, repair, and assembly. What’s more, if your fans include any lights, our electrics can ensure that your electrical circuits can handle the additional work. By assessing and making adjustments to your circuits, we can ensure the continued safety of your family and your home.

Whether you have an existing attic fan that needs to be repaired or would like to install a ceiling fan in every room, the folks at Electric Plus can turn your vision into reality.

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If you’re interested in installing or servicing ceiling and attic fans, you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable electrician at Electric Plus who can meet your project needs. Contact Electric Plus today at (770) 932-0930 to schedule a service appointment.